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Contribution Splitting

Contributions splitting allows you to split certain contributions with your spouse. You can boost your spouse’s super savings with some of your own.

You can split contributions regardless of your own age, but your spouse, to whom you transfer the contributions, must be either:

  • less than the preservation age that applies to them
  • aged between their preservation age and 65 years, and not retired.

The definition of a spouse includes:

  • a person that the member is legally married to
  • a person that the member is in a relationship with that is registered under certain state or territory laws (including registered same-sex relationships)
  • a person, of the same or of a different sex, who lives with the member on a genuine domestic basis in a relationship as a couple (known as a 'de-facto spouse').

Contributions splitting does not reduce the contributions originally made for the member for reporting and contribution caps purposes.