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You can choose any Bank to establish a Deposit Account, Online Savings Account, or a Term Deposit for your SMSF.

Deposit Account
A deposit account is used to receive rollovers, contributions, and investment earnings and to cover fund expenses (such as taxes and accounting fees) and to make investment purchasers. 
Trustees of a self managed super fund must keep money and other assets of the super fund separate from their personal assets. As such it is essential that a deposit account for your Fund is opened.

Online Savings Account
Online savings accounts, which are being increasingly considered as part of a larger investment strategy, are savings accounts managed and funded exclusively on the Internet. They offer high interest rates, which far surpass those of traditional savings accounts.  
Account holders may link their online savings account to their self managed super fund’s deposit account for easy transfer of funds. Many of these accounts have no fees, no minimum balance, and no lock-up period.

Term Deposits         
A term deposit is an investment where the interest rate is guaranteed not to change for the nominated term, so you'll know exactly what your investment's worth. Choose the term to fit with your other investment plans.